COOLture for ecological future – Youth exchange admin 20 czerwca, 2024

COOLture for ecological future – Youth exchange

Join us for an exhilarating and complimentary international youth exchange focused on ecology and culture, supported by Erasmus+ Accreditation of the European Union. Uncover the relationship between cultural heritage and environmental sustainability, engage in practical eco-friendly workshops, and join dynamic discussions and brainstorming sessions. Work together on creative initiatives that encourage ecological thinking. Strengthen your English through interactive exercises, meet peers from various nations, and share your knowledge. This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire new skills and viewpoints. Register now to embark on this exciting and influential adventure!

When: 01-16.07.2024

Where: Poland, Międzybrodzie Bialskie

Who: The project is aimed at young people aged 18-29 from Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain who are interested in ecology, culture, and sustainable development. Ideal candidates are those passionate about artistic activities, handicrafts, and eager to raise ecological awareness in their communities. The program offers opportunities to establish international contacts, develop language and creative skills, and collaborate on ecological projects. Participants will gain new experiences and knowledge that they can apply in their local environmental initiatives.

Why you should participate:
Participation in this exchange offers many advantages, such as hands-on experience with cultural and ecological projects, raising environmental consciousness, establishing international connections, and comprehending the cultural significance of sustainability. This is a special opportunity to develop abilities and knowledge in a diverse environment.

Don’t miss the opportunity, join us !

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