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Project duration: 01/10/23-30/09/24

The “CIVI EDU” project aims to revolutionize civic education, focusing on young Europeans and their role in shaping European citizenship. Through the creation of publicly accessible digital tools. The initiative aims to engage young people in innovative educational methods, encouraging active participation in social and political life. A key aspect is the exchange of experiences and best practices between European youth organizations, thereby improving the quality of youth work. The project focuses on the 18-30 age group, with an emphasis on those from disadvantaged areas, such as rural areas. The main goal of this project is to develop new methods, tools and approaches to civic education and fostering European citizenship among young people in Europe who show interest in current social and political issues, want to be actively involved and make decisive and independent choices, but don’t know how. The project will build on the New Narrative for Europe initiative and the 3-word basis of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 – Engage, Connect, Empower.

efekty projektu

The results of the project include, first and foremost, increasing youth involvement in democratic processes, which is crucial for the future of democracy in Europe. Improving educational offerings in civic education contributes to the development of critical thinking skills and social awareness. Developing intercultural and social competencies is essential in an increasingly globalized world. Strengthening partnerships at the European level promotes
the exchange of knowledge and experience, which is invaluable for developing effective educational methods. The project also has an impact on education policy in Europe, presenting results and recommendations at international conferences and professional meetings. “CIVI EDU” not only educates, but also activates youth, fostering the creation of an informed and engaged society. It is an initiative that aspires to influence broader social and political change, becoming an important element in shaping the future of young people in Europe.Results:
digital educational guide on civic education creation of an innovative open source digital tool and course on civic education Multiplier Event – a conference dedicated to sharing the results and outcomes of the project.

Grant: 60,000€

“Projekt dofinansowany ze środków Korpusu Solidarności – Rządowego Programu Wspierania i Rozwoju Wolontariatu
Systematycznego na lata 2018-2030

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