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#PolandLithuania: Together for Europe

About the project

The #PolandLithuania: Together for Europe initiative aims to launch an engaging social media campaign, the main goal of which is to raise awareness about cooperation and key anniversaries of Poland and Lithuania accession to the EU and NATO. In current times, when Europe’s security is threatened by the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation, as seen in the invasion of Ukraine, this initiative highlights the importance of solidarity and cooperation within these organizations as the foundation for peaceful and stable development of the continent. The project plans a seven-day activity where youth from Poland and Lithuania will come together to create content for the campaign. The agenda includes workshops on history, culture, benefits of EU and NATO membership, and creating online content, video editing, and production. These efforts will focus on fostering a positive image of both nations and enhancing awareness of the significance of European and transatlantic cooperation.

Effects of the project

The project also aims to increase awareness of the importance of Polish-Lithuanian cooperation and the anniversaries of joining the EU and NATO, which are crucial for the security and stability of Europe. The media campaign, which is at the heart of the project, focuses on promoting the shared historical and cultural heritage, emphasizing the significance of European and transatlantic cooperation in the face of contemporary geopolitical challenges. Additionally, the initiative seeks to promote the intangible cultural heritage of Poland and Lithuania, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, contributing to the growth of tourism and interest in the cultures of both nations. The project also supports understanding and interest in the history of Poland and Lithuania among youth, which is essential for building tolerance and intercultural openness. It also focuses on commemorating significant historical anniversaries such as the Union of Lublin and the Kościuszko Insurrection, aimed at remembering and honoring these pivotal moments in the history of both countries.

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Projekt otrzymał dofinansowanie z Polsko-Litewskiego Funduszu Wymiany Młodzieży z dotacji Ministerstwa Edukacji Narodowej.

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