Intensive Energy-Saving Training admin 17 lipca, 2023

Intensive Energy-Saving Training

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The project “Intensive Energy Saving Training” focuses on increasing ecological awareness and energy saving among young people (aged 18-30). Our goal is to transform youth into active forces combating the energy crisis, through non-formal education and providing practical knowledge on how to counteract climate change on a daily basis.

We will use interactive educational materials, workshops, and meetings with experts to enhance the quality and innovation of youth work. This will not only increase the understanding of the energy crisis but also help promote initiative and solidarity among young people.

The project takes into account the diversity of the target group, providing access for individuals struggling with economic, geographic, and social barriers as well as for people with disabilities.


Our actions align with the goals of the European Union, which is aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. We will also collaborate with foreign partners, promoting the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices in the field of energy saving.

We plan to create a social campaign that will reach a wide audience. The campaign will promote ecological practices and encourage behavioral changes supporting sustainable development.

Expected results include the creation of educational materials, films, interactive tools, and games that will help enhance the ecological competencies of young people. The project’s implementation will also contribute to the development of an international social network for exchanging experiences and best practices in environmental protection and energy saving.

Through the implementation of this project, young people will gain soft skills that will enable them to find their place in the new reality after the energy transformation.

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