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More Cook Waste Less

About the project:



The main objective of the project is to increase the competences and knowledge of young people aged 18-26 in the field of nutritious nutrition using the zero waste idea. The project provides young people with knowledge on how to cook tasty meals without wasting food. For this purpose, a complete and substantive guide for young people has been created, taking into account the Zero Waste initiative.

The project was created to raise young people’s awareness of food waste, zero waste and ecological lifestyle. As part of the initiative, we want to emphasize the need to change the existing habits of young people.

Effects of the project:

As part of the project, a multimedia book “Life Without Waste” was developed, which focuses on topics such as: the idea of Zero Waste, nutrition techniques, Zero Waste recipes and the art of meal planning. The materials were created in digital form, we have reduced the use of natural raw materials, including paper, thus promoting pro-ecological activities.
The project also includes meetings in international groups and joint culinary workshops, as well as a trip to Romania and a trip to the city of Sălacei (zero waste city).

The developed educational material in the form of a multimedia book will be made available in the form of free, open access, thanks to which the results will be available to any interested person.
In order to promote the project, an account was created on the tik-tok platform to reach a wide range of young recipients. Thanks to the initiative, the competences of young people in the application of the zero waste idea and popularization of European values and cuisines from different parts of the world were increased.


Co-financed by the European Union.

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