Playing Together for Unity

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In the context of the escalating refugee crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine, the initiative “Playing Together for Unity” becomes not just an ambitious undertaking but also a social necessity. In the era of global challenges such as large-scale migration and social tensions, the project aspires to be a catalyst for positive change. It employs sport as a universal medium capable of erasing boundaries and building bridges between diverse groups of people. Sport, in this context, is viewed not merely as a form of physical activity but as a potent tool that impacts community at multiple levels—from individual development to social cohesion. The project not only aims at integrating refugees in a new country but also raises awareness among the host community, which in turn can lead to a more balanced and harmonious society.


The “Playing Together for Unity” initiative is not just a short-term project aimed at meeting basic needs. It is a well-thought-out strategy whose main goal is to use sport as a tool for multi-dimensional social integration. The project combines several critical elements that are essential for the success of such an ambitious mission. It not only satisfies the immediate needs of refugees from Ukraine by providing them with a space for physical and emotional development, but also elevates the standards of non-formal education and lifelong learning. In this sense, the project is more than just the sum of its parts; it represents a holistic approach to contemporary social challenges, providing lasting and sustainable solutions. As a result, “Playing Together for Unity” not only contributes to the well-being of refugees but also positively impacts the host community, creating a more inclusive and cohesive society for all its members. tworzeniu rad młodzieżowych. W ramach projektu prowadzić będziemy szkolenia i warsztaty, które pomogą grantobiorcom skutecznie osiągnąć postawione cele. Organizacje młodzieżowe biorące udział w konkursie będą miały okazję do podniesienia swoich kompetencji, zwiększenia potencjału swojej organizacji oraz wypromowania swoich inicjatyw i działań.

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