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We turn on E-sport

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About the project:

The project is currently addressing young residents of Ukraine who have been forced to leave their own country due to a brutal war. These young individuals have often found themselves isolated in foreign homes, immersing themselves in TV series or games, struggling to find their place in society.

In response to this situation, E-sport is being created, which involves an exchange program for young people aged 22-28. This program is open to everyone, regardless of gender, economic status, cultural background, or disabilities.

The project’s current aim is to demonstrate that the young people coming together around Esports are not just children playing games. Instead, they encompass adults who view Esports as both a hobby and a potential professional career. Playing games is just one component of a larger whole, and through youth exchanges, they aim to showcase that Esports can also serve as a means of social and cultural integration.

The E-sport project is not solely focused on entertainment at the moment. Its primary focus is on fostering integration among communities, irrespective of age or interests. Playing together primarily aims to bring participants closer to each other. As part of the ongoing project, there is currently a practical course on organizing online e-sports games, along with ecological and cultural workshops. The project also includes landscape trips, workshops dedicated to promoting equality in e-sports within the local community, and informative sessions with professional Esports Coaches and Managers. Additionally, there is a FIFA 2023 Tournament in the project’s current lineup. Thanks to these diverse events and activities, the project currently benefits a wide range of individuals, including both participants and the local community. Everyone presently has the opportunity to find something that aligns with their interests and aspirations.

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Co-financed by the European Union.

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